About Empty Space Designs
Empty Space Designs is your complete New Media development and design firm. We provide our clients with stylish, cutting-edge designs that incorporate the type of functionality that will help your business stand out on the Internet. Whether your company provides B2B or B2C solutions, Empty Space Designs can design, implement and manage your complete Internet solution. With award-winning designers, experienced developers and knowledgeable consultants, Empty Space Designs will be responsive to all of your businesses New Media needs.

Vision Statement
Our vision is to be the world's leader in providing New Media designs and solutions that meet the real world needs of business. Our team will work hard at exceeding your standards before, during and after your site has launched. Our products and services will always be of the highest quality, to ensure that the objectives of your business are not just met, but surpassed. The success of your business through a comprehensive Internet solution is our ultimate goal.

Empty Space Designs has as its' core a strong team of business executives, top designers and seasoned programmers. What follows is a list of our management team and some of our senior staff:

Dirk Gerhardt, Director of Information Technology
Todd Stinex, Senior Programmer
Soji Bewaji, Creative Director
Geoff Gosling, Senior Graphic Designer

Empty Space Design Project Life Cycle
The core of our development strategy provides a roadmap that will lead to the successful design and implementation of your Internet site. Each phase has been carefully developed to lead to a viable solution for your needs, and is integral to reaching your ultimate objective. Careful execution of this plan will result in a site that is functional, strategic, manageable and of a very high-quality.

Phase I
Review client's business strategies and processes.
Analyze client's needs.
Propose solution for website development.

Phase II
Design the functional specifications document.

Phase III
Build website.
Concept design.
Web pages layout design phase.
Development stage.

Phase IV
Test website.

Phase V
Implement and launch.

Phase VI
Support and site maintenance.


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