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With national and international clients, from a broad range of backgrounds, we pride ourselves in being able to deliver sound solutions, in a timely manner, to whatever their web based needs are. Please take a look at some of our online work that our developers and designers have been involved with, either directly or through our partners.

In our 15+ years of Business our Clients have included....

Maytag CA   Maytag Canada
ESD designers & developers created a kiosk application to provide customers and sales staff access to product information and promotions. Our computer hardware and network specialists customized the setup and handled the local installs.
ESD developers also created the Maytag Home Delivery System to track and control order deliveries to customers. Sales, warehouse staff and drivers utilize the centralized system to maximize efficiency.
Second Cup CA Second Cup Canada
In partnership with Raspberry Labs the ESD developers helped maintain, support and update the finance/payroll application and database.
Including the updating and creation of new financial reports.
Neopost CA Neopost Canada
ESD developers created an order and reporting tool called "The Bridge" to track orders from sales to shipment. The application has been constantly upgraded and expanded since first developed.
We also handle the dynamic database driven features of the neopost.ca website and have worked on a number of online & offline marketing campaigns.
Rockport CA   Rockport Canada
ESD designers and developers worked on 6-8 marketing websites per year for the Canadian division. Each year was broken up into Spring & Fall seasons. Typically each season has a media event that we create an RSVP teaser website for. Following the event Media & Retail Intranet websites are created to give the various parties access to digital media and other promotional information including contests. There also is public website for customers.
Rockport USA   Rockport USA
ESD developers worked on 2 seasonal intranet websites a year for the US division. They include Spring & Fall websites used by the sales staff to help facilitate their job. The websites include promotional material, catalogs and an online product galleries.
Portfolio of Websites

Empty Space Design provides a full-range of services that will follow your website development from concept to launch and beyond. In addition, our support and marketing services will ensure that your site is updated and positioned properly, so that your site is always relevant in the changing Internet landscape.

Design Services
A quality image will create strong interest in your business, and will aid in imprinting your message on the minds of your customers. The first impression that a visitor has of your site reflects what their feelings toward your business will be. Therefore, it is important to achieve a professional, original feeling through the mood and style of your website. This is your opportunity to start a business relationship with future clients. It is important to make sure that a team of professionals constructs this feeling properly. Empty Space Design achieves this by offering the following quality design services:

Website design and re-design.
Flash custom animations.
3D design and animation
Corporate branding, including CD & DVD design and development.
Web/ print advertising design and promotion.
Site maintenance and modification services.
Virtual 360-degree tours.

Development Services
A quality image without intuitive functionality is worse than no design at all. It causes frustration and alienation in clients, leading to loss of business. To avoid this, you want your website to utilize automated services that involve databases that interact with clients. This will optimize customer service and better communication. Online services will make your business more efficient, while minimizing labour intensive processes. It will also increase your profitability.

Database development and integration.
Interactive software development.
Security and authentication software
ASP & ASP.NET application integration.

Tactical Services

It may be true that "if you build it, they will come." But they will only stay with effective marketing, concise copy and communication that is appropriate to your target market. Empty Space Design covers every aspect of your project with additional services that maintains the intent of your sites initial objectives.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Copy writing
Website marketing and promotions

Custom development using the following technologies:
Cold Fusion
SQL Server

Support Services
Inexperienced Internet developers often overlook the little things, like strategic development and a manageable, scaleable structure. These issues can greatly impact the success of your Internet presence. You organization will be viewed by how your website is structured, simple as that. A strategically developed and well-managed site will convey the feeling of professionalism that will have a positive impact on those who view it.

Business and website analysis
Web strategy development
Business modeling
Site maintenance and modifications
Project Management
On-site support
Design and Internet consultation



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